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Father’s Day is almost upon us, which means that it’s time to find the perfect gift for Dad. This Father’s Day, give him something he’ll truly remember by making him laugh. Below, we’ll dive into funny Father’s Day Gifts any kinds of dads are sure to love.

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15 Funny Father’s Day Gifts

Without further ado, here are some of the best Father’s Day gifts you can give the funny man of the house!

1. A Shirt for the Perfect Pet Parent

Best Dad Sarcastic Humor Graphic Novelty Super Soft Ring Spun Funny T Shirt

Just because you don’t have a kid, doesn’t mean you can’t be a father. If you have an enthusiastic pet parent on your hands, this T-shirt is exactly what you need. Every time your dog dad of choice goes out on the town, he’ll be reminded of his furry BFF back at home.

Looking for more places you can get crafty with your Father’s Day gift? Check out Cricut, a place that can help you make an endless amount of projects!

2. A Punny Card

Funny Father's Day Gifts, Coolest Pop

The foundation of a fun Father’s Day gift is a goofy greeting card. This silly card is perfect for your punny pop and will let him know how much you appreciate all that he does. Each card can also be customized with a photo of your favorite memory together so he’ll forever be reminded of all the fun times you’ve shared.

3. Print of a Silly, Sweet Drawing or Picture

Funny Father's Day Gifts, Framed photo

You can print and frame your best drawing or favorite picture from Minted for your favorite father for a sweet, memorable, Father’s Day present. Get your drawing as a foil print, art print, or letterpress. Is drawing not quite your style? You can also print a handwritten letter for a super heartfelt present that your favorite dad will be able to appreciate for years to come.

4. Personalized Tools

Funny Father's Day Gifts, Personalized Tools

These punny custom tools make a great funny Father’s Day gifts option. The tools are engraved with excellent sayings like “You nailed it” and “My dad can fix anything”. With these personalized hammers, your favorite dad will think of you every time he breaks out the toolbox.

5. A Mug That Says It All

This mug is one of the best fun Father’s Day gifts. Your favorite dad will get a good laugh every time he stops for a cup of coffee.

6. Customized Toilet Paper

Hey, what can I say? Toilet paper is a hot commodity right now, and this custom TP is sure to put a smile on any dad’s face. These customized toilet papers definitely earn their spot on the funny Father’s Day gifts list.

7. Book for Bearded Dads

This book about having a dad with a beard is hilarious. If you know a bearded dad, this book will give him and his kids a great read to bond over together.

8. Knock His Socks Off

Does your Dad like to relax with a video game session? If so, these socks will ensure that he can enjoy his gaming session without interruption. The socks come in a one size fits all design, so you won’t have to know his shoe size to get him the perfect gift.

9. His Favorite Drink

Get your dad his favorite drink to get him giggling on his special day. With day-of drink delivery services, you can even send a well-worth present to fathers who are farther away.

10. Marvelous Munchies

Do you have a snack lover on your hands? In which case, this snack crate might be an excellent choice for your dad.

11. A Great Gift for a Mysterious Man

Murder at the Speakeasy New Professionally Manufactured Box image 1

Is your dad a super sleuth? Get them an at-home mystery to solve with these fun mystery crates. This is bound to make a great and fun Father’s Day gift.

Show Dad Some Love

Whatever you end up getting for the dad in your life, know that he’ll love it simply because it came from you. Any of these 15 funny Father’s Day gifts are sure to make your pop smile and feel appreciated. Need more ideas? We have another Father’s Day gift guide!