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Typically, when the topic of trends in fashion comes up, it’s us women who immediately come to mind. However, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t a ton of men who care about the latest trends too (otherwise, mags like GQ and Esquire would probably cease to exist). And just like us ladies have popular looks that are either total hits or tragic misses, so do you men in our lives whenever they decide to follow any and everything that stylists, fashion mag editors and—le sigh—their friends tell them is “in” and “cool”.

If you’ve heard your woman (or your female friend or co-worker) ask you “What were you thinking when you put that on?!”, rather than have them put you on total blast for your less-than-impressive choices, perhaps it’s time for you to read this article in full.

(These fashion faux pas are listed in no particular order, by the way.)

Neck scarves

Look, we barely like seeing a woman who’s younger than our grandma wear these, let alone the men in our lives. But for some reason, neck scarves and bandanas found their way around a lot of guy’s necks. Geeze, as if anything could be worse than an ascot, these definitely managed to top ‘em in the absolute worst way possible.


Socks and sandals

There’s nothing like a nice pair of socks that subtly peek their way out of a man’s pants whenever he’s sitting down. As far as sandals go? So long as a guy’s feet are pedicured, we can deal with those too. The combo, though? Uh-uh. Especially when it’s white gym socks and sandals. Moral to the story—if you’re wearing both of these, what’s the point in having sandals on at all? Yeah, this combo is not only tacky but super-contradictory. Full stop, please.


You might be thinking that we’re being redundant here, but trust us, we’re not. Unless you’re using them to get out of the shower or to walk along the beach, do not add flip-flops to your fashion collection. Not only are they bad for your arches, but they look like a lazy fashion move. (And we’re being generous by calling them “fashionable” at all.)


Deep V tees

Honestly, we’re not sure if anyone needs a collection of tees that feature a V that basically touches their stomach. But when a guy wears one, it tends to convey one of two things (if not both)—that he’s washed his T-shirts one too many times or that he’s out here “thirsty” for attention. Both are turn-offs. 100 percent.

Skinny jeans

We’re not gonna get too deep on this one. We’ll just leave it at we’re a bit baffled by how grown men can feel comfortable in jeans that are that tight. Especially in the crotch area. Moving on.


Fanny packs

We didn’t like it the first time fanny packs made their debut (whenever that was), so we’re giving nothing but eye rolls to whomever thought it was a good idea to bring them back. Ugh. It doesn’t matter what fabric they’re made out of or what athletic company’s logo is on them, if you’re wearing one of these, all we’re thinking—and literally spelling out in our heads—is C-O-R-N-Y.

Male rompers

WHY? That’s not a rhetorical question either.



So, you have on a scarf and a brim. Not just one necklace but a string of them. A belt and a pocket chain (that’s showing). Honestly, over-accessorizing is semi-depressing because it kind of conveys that you think you have to rock everything you own in one day…like tomorrow will never come for you. While we support men and women enjoying accessories, when it comes to men and fashion, trust us—less is always more. ALWAYS.

Textured crop haircuts

man holding white hair trimmer

OK, technically this is more of a “beauty” trend, but it’s so annoying that it deserves to be on this list too. What it really looks like is a pixie cut with faded sides. If that’s the look you’re going for…OK. But if you’re trying to impress us, for most of us, it’s not. NOT. AT. ALL.


We could go on, but we’re pretty sure you get the gist. While we’re all for people “doing them” when it comes to what they choose to wear, we just want to make sure they’re choosing what will bring out the best in them. These 10 things right here? They are the absolute worst.