Spooky halloween house decorations

It’s that time of the year again. Time to give your home a spooky makeover, and pronto. Trick out your home with the creepiest — and cutest — Halloween house decorations this year. These decorations will impress trick-or-treaters and party guests alike. From your front porch to mantel, no one will question your commitment to the holiday.

Here’s all of the deco you need to get your house totally ready for a monster mash. You’ll also want to stock up on lots (and lots) of pumpkins, of course. These Halloween decor ideas vary from cute and colorful to dark and spooky, so you can nail whatever theme you’re going for this year. Enjoy!

1. Foam Feather Gothic Wreath W/Spider Halloween Decoration

Halloween Decorations 2019 - Feather Gothic Wreath with Spider

Price: $24.99

Where to find it: Halloween Costumes

Hanging this creepy foam feather gothic wreath on your front door will scream enter if you dare!

2. Set Of 5 Black Glitter LED Candles

Halloween Decorations 2019 - Black Glitter LED Candles

Price: $34.99

Where to find it: Halloween Costumes

These black spooky LED candles are just perfect for Halloween!

3. 5 Inch Short Champagne Glitter Pumpkin

Halloween Decorations 2019 - Short Champagne Glitter Pumpkin

Price: $6.99

Where to find it: Halloween Costumes

This is a really pretty glitzy Halloween decoration. So if you’re going for a more cutesy themed Halloween this year, this is perfect for you!

4. 60″ Swinging Reaper Prop

Halloween Decorations 2019 - Swinging Reaper Prop

Price: $39.99

Where to find it: Halloween Costumes

We love this scary Halloween prop! Anyone who has this in their front yard is lifting their game this Halloween season. Who doesn’t find a swinging reaper super creepy?!

5. Sparkling Pumpkin Porch Light Cover

Halloween Decorations 2019 - Sparkling Pumpkin Porch Light Cover

Price: $8.99

Where to find it: Halloween Costumes

This is another cute glittery Halloween decoration that everyone will adore! Give your porch lights a little something extra with this cover!

6. Motion Activated Screaming Doormat

Halloween Decorations 2019 - Motion Activated Screaming Doormat

Price: $9.99

Where to find it: Halloween Costumes

This motion activated screaming doormat will give the trick or treaters the scare of their life!

7. Menacing Mummy Double Window Cling

Halloween Decorations 2019 - Menacing Mummy Double Window Cling

Price: $12.99

Where to find it: Halloween Costumes

This creepy and cool mummy will have everyone shaking in terror! The cling features a creepy looking mummy that appears like he’s trying to get out of your house. Perfect for terrifying the neighbors… Now that’s our kind of holiday decor.

8. 1000w Fog Machine

Halloween Decorations 2019 - Fog Machine

Price: $69.99

Where to find it: Halloween Costumes

We’re fairly certain that the fog produced by this machine doesn’t carry any monstrous or malicious intent, it’s just the ticket for setting a super spooky atmosphere. This fog machine is safe for indoor use and plugs into any standard outlet, making it an awesome Halloween accessory for Halloween parties, haunted houses, or any other event that can use a little touch of that monster movie creepiness.

9. Baby Groot In Pot Guardians Of The Galaxy Inflatable

Halloween Decorations 2019 - Baby Groot in Pot Inflatable - Gardians of the Galaxy

Price: $59.99

Where to find it: Halloween Costumes

If your kids are crazy about Baby Groot, just like us, then they’re going to love this Baby Groot inflatable ‘Happy Halloween’ decoration! He’s too cute not to love!

10. Shaking Body Bag

Halloween Decorations 2019 - Shaking Body bag

Price: $44.99

Where to find it: Halloween Costumes

We think you’ll appreciate the story of the shaking body bag – “When old Uncle Ebert keeled over, we thought that was the last of it. So the paramedics zipped him up and shipped him to the mortuary. The next few days were typical. We planned his wake as he chilled in the coolers of the morgue. So, it was the last thing we expected when we rolled him out to get him all dressed up one last time and he began to shake! We didn’t know what to do.

We unzipped the bag but he was indeed still deceased. Most people would just bury him and get it over with but we happen to know that good ol’ Ebert was a huge Halloween fan. Using his unusual post-mortem condition for our Halloween decor might be the best way to honor him for his wake. That’s what we call good timing!

Turns out, it was a frightening hit with the trick-or-treaters, just what our uncle would have wanted! And that’s why we think you’ll love having a shaking body bag of your own.”

We hope you enjoyed reading our article on creative Halloween house decorations for the spooky season and that our article could give you some ideas on how to decorate and spookify your house this Halloween, whether you’re after creepy ghouls or cute sparkly pumpkins.

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