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Is Capital Goods a Good Career Path?

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It’s becoming a common question in the sector: is capital goods a good career path? Choosing a career path is one of the most challenging decisions a person has to make. 

However, the capital goods field has a wide range of opportunities. Also known as the industrial sector, it focuses on manufacturing and distributing goods. Over the last decades, the industry has gained significant popularity. In fact, there are over 1.3 million jobs in the sector. With salaries ranging from $70,000-$100,000 yearly, it’s an excellent career path.

In this article, we’ll explore whether working in the capital goods industry is a good career option and what job openings it offers. Looking for a high-paying career in capital goods? Check out ZipRecruiter, a top job search site with millions of job opportunities worldwide. Create your account and start applying for positions immediately.

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What Is the Capital Goods Sector?

Capital goods include products used in the production of other consumer products. They usually include machinery, construction and mining equipment, and more. 

If you want to see whether you have the right qualifications for a career in capital goods, take a look at the job listings on ZipRecruiter. Once you upload your resume, ZipRecruiter will tell you how great of a match you are for each position. See the best jobs for you here!

What Are the Capital Goods Industries?

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The capital goods industry helps other businesses produce their products. So, there are many different capital goods industries. Let’s review some of its most important divisions to help us answer “is capital goods a good career path?”

  • The automotive industry — creates components for vehicles.
  • The chemical industry — uses chemicals to produce products such as paints, soaps, adhesives, and more.
  • The electronics industry — creates products such as consumer electronics and semiconductors.
  • The machinery industry — focuses on manufacturing heavy equipment and machines to create other goods.
  • The textile industry — produces fabrics like nylon, wool, and cotton. In addition, the industry makes coloring substances such as dyes.
  • The steel industry — creates and recycles steel products, which are in high demand for many businesses.

Jobs in Capital Goods – What Jobs Are Available?

To further investigate the question “is capital goods a good career path?” we’ll need to take a look into the available jobs in the sector. Make sure to browse these positions on ZipRecruiter and apply for your next opportunity with just 1 click.

1. Warehouse Worker

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Warehouse workers are responsible for stocking and packaging products and preparing orders for delivery. As such, these employees are highly efficient and entrusted since they also track and unload shipments. Their average yearly salary is around $50,502.

2. Quality Control Inspector

Quality control inspectors supervise product development to ensure quality standards are met. In addition, they work closely with clients to ensure that the products meet their requirements. For this job position, attention to detail is a must.

The average yearly salary is $40,000.

3. Engineering Manager

Engineering managers plan, direct, and coordinate engineering activities within companies. To enter such a position, an engineering degree and several years of experience are required. After graduation, this professional’s responsibilities include developing new products and overseeing project logistics and resource allocation. Because of the high volume of work, this profession is one of the most high-paying in the industry, with an average of $141,280.

4. Manufacturing Technician

Manufacturing technicians set up and operate equipment, test products, and inspect assemblies. Their key responsibility is to ensure that machinery runs smoothly through proper setup and maintenance. Their average salary is $50,598.

5. Electrical Engineer

Electrical engineers design, develop, and manufacture electrical equipment. As such, they work with communication systems, motors, radar, and GPS. Also, their work focuses on designing electrical systems for vehicles or aircraft. This profession is one of the most profitable in the capital goods industry, with an average yearly pay of $87,348.

Is Capital Goods a Good Career Path? The Final Verdict

This industry is perfect for young professionals interested in creating things while also remaining relevant to the market. It’s also an ideal choice for those wishing to enter the global supply chain. Moreover, capital goods positions offer opportunities for personal and professional growth through learning and advancing. Finally, most companies offer good salaries plus benefits, health insurance, and parental leave for their capital goods workers.

Overall, the capital goods industry is an excellent opportunity for anyone wishing to start a profession with growth possibilities. Further, most of the jobs pay well and promote diversity.

So, in answer to the question “is capital goods a career path,” we have to say it can be! And even if it’s not, you can always look for jobs in other industries. At ZipRecruiter, you can browse millions of job openings from around the world and get matched with employers looking for a candidate just like you. Start today!

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