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The Best Camper Grills for Campsite Cooking

What’s the perfect camping trip without at least a few grilled meals? Definitely not perfect! Still, if you want to fully enjoy your time away from a fully-stocked kitchen, you need to know the best camper grills for campsite cooking.

The Best Camper Grills for Campsite Cooking

Below, we’ll get into the various camper grills out there and show you some of the best ones for campsite grilling. Each of these grills is easy to transport from place to place and contains everything you need to grill with ease.

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Pit Boss Sportsman 1230

Best Camper Grills
Pit Boss

When it comes to making the best grills affordable, Pit Boss Grills can’t be beaten. Their state-of-the-art grills come with installment payments and 0% APR financing, allowing you to afford a higher-quality piece.

The Pit Boss Sportsman 1230 is especially good for your campsite grilling needs. It features 1,124 sq. inches of grilling surface and 3 gas burners. You can use either pellets or gas with it, enabling you to get a wood flavor if you prefer.

Even better, if you don’t like grilling all that much, you can also use it to barbecue, braise, roast, or even bake. So, it’s your one-stop-shop for all of your camping culinary needs..


Portable Grill

Blackstone 17" Tabletop Griddle image number 1

Camping World designs its products for people who love to camp, so it’s only natural that they would have some of the best camper grills.

This portable grill is the perfect tabletop device. Its small size allows you to fit it onto most tabletop arrangements, though we recommend not putting it on flammable surfaces.

This grill features an ignition, so you won’t have to deal with matches for lighting. In addition, it has a thermometer that helps you monitor cooking temperatures. When you’re done, simply fold it up and carry it by its suitcase-like handles!

Blaze Natural Gas Grill

Best Camper Grills

BBQGuys features a wide range of high-quality grills of all shapes and types. Still, some of their best products include their Blaze grills.

If you’re looking for a grill that gives a lot of benefits for its size, take a look at the Blaze Prelude LBM 32-Inch 4-Burner Built-In Natural Gas Grill. Blaze Natural Gas Grill has a built-in flame-thrower system that allows you to ignite the grill easily. Its stainless steel grill hood allows heat to build up for a more thorough cook. This grill has 2 different sides, allowing you to cook more than 1 set of food at once.

This is a great grill for you if you live in an apartment or condo and want to use your grill for more than just campsite cooking. This Blaze grill comes with a 3-year warranty that doesn’t just cover the person working on it, but the apartment complex and condo it’s in as well. You can also buy grill accessories from BBQGuys!

Original Black Kettle Charcoal Grill 

Best Camper Grills

The Original Kettle 22-Inch W Black Kettle Charcoal Grill from Target gives you all the advantages of the traditional grill. Its sleek, black body is porcelain-enameled, giving it the ability to trap heat.

Its wheels make it easy to transport, so you can take it with you no matter where you go, making it one of the best camper grills! For a slightly more modern look, get a charcoal grill in blue.

Traveler Portable Gas Grills


Traveler Portable Gas Grill from Weber, featured among the best camper grills for campsite cooking, exemplifies the brand’s commitment to quality and innovation. Designed with the modern camper in mind, this grill strikes the perfect balance between convenience and performance. With its sleek and portable design, the Weber Traveler allows you to take the taste of home wherever your adventures lead you.

Whether you’re a seasoned grill master or a novice camper, Weber’s Traveler Portable Gas Grill is the ideal companion for savoring delicious meals under the open sky. Its thoughtful design and reliability make it a trusted choice for campers seeking a taste of home-cooked perfection during their outdoor escapades.

Invest in the Best Camper Grills

Now that you’ve read about the best camper grills, it’s time to determine which one will best suit your needs (learn how to prepare your food safely).

To get started, think about how often you want to use your grill. If you think you’ll only go camping once every few years, you might want to get a less expensive grill that doesn’t require a lot of maintenance.

On the other hand, if you go camping often and grill all the time, you might want to invest in a more expensive, higher-end grill. Want to know what to grill? Check out these camping recipes!

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