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Times have been tough… You deserve a treat. Luckily, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best subscription boxes that are monthly delivery services so that you can gift yourself with things you’ll actually enjoy and use. From grill masters kits to high-tech gift boxes, you’re bound to find the perfect pick-me-up subscription box for your needs.

12 Subscription Boxes You Should Gift to Yourself

A Wine Taster’s Dream

Are you a wine connoisseur? In which case, you need a subscription to a service like Winc. The wine club membership service delivers artisan wines to your doorstep on a regular basis based on your individual taste preferences.

For the Tech Geek

Maybe you’re into the latest technology. In which case, BREO BOX may be one of the best subscription boxes to gift to yourself. Every month, you’ll get high-quality gadgets ranging from projectors, to drones, to cable ties. These subscription boxes are monthly deliveries, and are packed with everything you need to scratch your tech itch.


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Keep the Fragrance Fresh

If you’re still searching for new beauty or self care products, Birch Box is a great place to start. These subscription boxes’ best feature is that you’ll get tons of grooming and beauty related products.


Staying Stylish

If you’re into staying stylish, then the Gentleman’s Box is one of the best subscription boxes monthly deliveries you can get. Each box is packed with 4-6 fashion and lifestyle accessories for men like a watch, pocket square, and more. You can also opt for the premier tier that delivers luxury goods on a regular basis for a little added flair.

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Super Sleuth

Looking for a fun way to kill your extra time? Check out the Hunt A Killer subscription boxes monthly service where they send you a full, fresh mystery to solve with using the clues in the box. It’s a great way to spend an evening indoors while still staying intellectually stimulated.


If You’re Due for a Haircut

Subscription boxes monthly, Crooming

Many of us are due for a haircut during this tricky time. If you’re looking to take matters into your own hands, check out these subscription boxes’ monthly deliveries. Each month, you’ll get essential grooming supplies so you can stay looking your best even in quarantine. Along with hair supplies, you’ll also receive a high-quality razor and post-shave balm for a clean, soft feel. If you’ve been looking for razors for a great deal, be sure to check out the Dollar Shave Club. Affordable and amazing!

For The Meat Lover – Steak from Mr. Steak

Mr Steak is an online meat delivery service that delivers steakhouse quality meats directly to your door, so that you can cook with quality meats on high-quality grills from TraegerMr Steak sources their beef from a couple of small midwest ranches and the meat is transferred directly from the ranches to the packer.

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For the Grill Master

If you’re friends with the grill, you’ll love this grill master’s subscription box. With your subscription, you’ll get various sauces, rubs, and supplies delivered to your doorstep every month so that you’ll always be ready to grill at a moment’s notice. Enjoy making delicious dishes with these diverse craft ingredients.

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For the Protein Prince

Subscription boxes monthly, Beef Jerky

Perhaps you’re a beef jerky lover… If so, you need the jerky snob monthly subscription box. Every box comes with your choice of 2, 4, or 8 bags of artisan jerky made without MSG, nitrates, nitrites, or high fructose corn syrup. You’ll love getting these protein-packed deliveries on a monthly basis.

In Search of Quiet Mornings

Subscription boxes monthly, Quiet mornings

Looking to add a bit more peace and quiet into your day? Check out this subscription box that comes with two hardcover books along with a bag of fresh micro-roasted coffee grounds. You can select your books based on genre or simply select “surprise me” for a unique read every month. You can also choose between grounds or whole bean coffee if you prefer to grind your beans from home.

Spicy Subscription Box

Subscription boxes monthly, Hot sauce

Crave a little added spice to your life? Then you’ll love this hot sauce themed subscription box! The Hot Sauce of the Month Club box delivers artisan hot sauce directly to your doorstep. You can choose between mild, classic, or extra hot levels to ensure you get a sauce that aligns with your taste preferences. You can also opt for a quarterly subscription if that’s more convenient and look for 3 bottles of sauce with every delivery.

For Those Who Hate Cold Feet

subscription boxes monthly, cold feet

Who doesn’t love socks? This subscription box comes with classy dress socks any gentleman will love. Each pair of socks is crafted utilizing the 200 needle count knitting process and comes with a unique, dapper pattern. Plus, with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, you’ll be able to be fully confident with your purchase.

Taking the time to treat yourself during times like these can be extremely helpful. Hopefully, you found the perfect subscription box to gift to yourself with any of these stellar monthly box selects.

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