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Family Game Night Essentials You Need!

Throwing the ultimate game night requires all of the game night essentials, with planning, snacks, and a whole lot of fun. Below, we’ll detail your next party checklist so that you can have a blast with your family and friends. Stock up on these essentials to have the ultimate family game night your guests won’t forget.

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Game Night Essentials for the Ultimate Game Night

1. A Large Assortment of Snacks

snacks for family game night

Everyone has different taste preferences, so why not get a large assortment of snacks that everyone can partake in? Check out these sweet and salty assortment options from Gourmet Gift Baskets for a delicious, ultimate custom game night. Snacks are absolutely a must when it comes to game night necessities.


2. An Immersive Game

ultimate custom game night, jenga

Want something that’s a little different than your run of the millboard game? Order an at-home murder mystery kit to solve with your family and friends. Your ultimate family game night will immediately turn everyone into super sleuths! A mystery the whole family can get in on will prove to be a successful game night.

3. Get the Drinks Flowing!

ultimate custom game night, drinks

An ultimate custom game night isn’t complete without some delicious drinks. Order some wine using Winc, Plonk Wine Merchants, or mix up a cocktail with booze from Minibar Delivery. Minibar Delivery offers Wine, Liquor and Beer.

They even have a few recipes online if you are looking to mix  cocktails you haven’t tried before! If you are thinking of trying out Minibar Delivery, use SAFERATHOME for $5 OFF your first order on Minibar Delivery! Enjoy drinks over your favorite board or card games.

Looking for even more booze for a special occasion, check out for all your special occasion booze!

4. Cozy Commodities

ultimate custom game night, blankets

Looking for a blanket that everyone in the family can enjoy? Pick up this Big Blanket so that you can all stay cozy during your ultimate custom game night. Don’t forget to wear your slippers and favorite PJs, too.


5. Popping Palooza

ultimate custom game night, popcorn

Who doesn’t love popcorn? Pick up a popcorn machine for the ultimate game night experience. You can reuse your maker during movie night as well. Plus with Hulu, you can now even host Hulu watch parties where you and your friends can watch together.

6. For Modern Gamers

ultimate custom game night, gaming

Game night doesn’t have to be limited to just traditional board and card games. One of the best family game night ideas is to bust out the Nintendo Switch, Xbox, or PlayStation; something the entire family can enjoy. Pick up a copy of Mario Kart 8, and get the whole family racing against one another for back-to-back fun.

Here are 10 online games you can play with friends!

7. Start Drawing

There’s nothing quite as hilarious as the classic game of Pictionary. This version comes with reusable dry-erase boards so that the whole family can play without wasting unnecessary paper. This special edition also comes with 400 bonus clues for an updated take on a classic game.

8. Adults Only

If you’re taking a night off from the kids, get the ball rolling with this hilarious “adulting” edition of Hedbanz.  You and your friends will love guessing the identities of relevant subjects ranging anywhere from “influencers” to “Esports”. Get your favorite drinks flowing and start the fun.

You can also play classic drinking games or pull out Cards Against Humanity for a super funny, engaging game session. Looking for more game ideas? Be sure to check out these fun adult games.

9. Capture Your Memories

One of the best game night ideas is to set up a silly photo booth with props or simply capture your memories with a polaroid camera. Your friends will love having mementos to take home with them.

10. Make It a Movie Night

While your friends and family are over, why not turn your game night into a movie night? You can even watch the hilarious action movie, “Game Night” in the spirit of the evening. Make sure you put that popcorn maker to good use.

11. Conversation Cards

If you’re done with your game session and you want to invite some seriously engaging conversation, why not pull out these table topic cards? Though you may feel a bit unnatural at first, these cards will make it easy to learn more about even your closest friends and family members. Pair it with a cup of coffee or tea for a great, meaningful ending to your ultimate custom game night.

12. Make a Meal Together

If you’re having your friends or family over around dinner time, why not craft a delicious meal together? You can order kits from services like Top Chef Meals, Hungryroot, or Gobble for a tasty yet affordable experience.

Don’t want to cook? Then get your favorite foods through DoorDash or Grubhub! Dine first, and then start your ultimate gaming showdown.

13. Try a Themed Night!

Tired of the same game night? Make it themed. You could have a pajama party, retro 70s, or even spooky game night.

Your guests will love getting the opportunity to dress up, and it’ll serve as an automatic conversation starter. Get creative with your costumes!

Whatever you end up playing, you’re sure to have a great time surrounded by your family members and friends. Enjoy snacking and laughing with those closest to you. Happy gaming! Looking for some new hobbies to keep you busy? Try starting a Youtube channel or start a side hustle with photography.

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